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    Pymatuning Reservoir Stationary Docks

    Pymatuning Reservoir Docks and Lifts

    Pymatuning Reservoir is a man-made lake that was once a large swamp.  Much of Pymatuning Reservoir is part of the Pymatuning State Park in Pennsylvania and Pymatuning State Park in Ohio.  In addition to supplying water to the Shenango and Beaver valleys, the lake provides recreation for boaters and swimmers in Ohio and PA.  Take a scenic drive on the 2-mile causeway that connects the towns of Andover, OH and Espyville, PA.  Be sure to stop by Haines Marine Service to discuss Pymatuning Reservoir docks and lifts and more.

    Pymatuning Reservoir Aluminum Docks

    Metal Craft aluminum docks had their first installation at the Pymatuning Sailing Club in 1971 when only the sea green deck color was available.  The Pymatuning Sailing Club still uses their docks today and are among two other installations on the lake – Pymatuning Liveries boat rental docks installed nearly 20 years ago and Pymatuning Boat Sales installed in 2002.  In addition to the three commercial aluminum docks at Pymatuning, residential sites have also purchased Metal Craft piers over the last 40 years.  Metal Craft Docks are built to last a lifetime and the stationary dock systems on Pymatuning Reservoir are a testament to our interlocking deck design, manufacturing process and timelessness that you should expect from an aluminum dock.  Metal Craft Docks require minimal maintenance and are naturally light-weight.  We recommend working with Haines Marine Service to ensure you are following the boat dock guidelines as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

    Pymatuning Reservoir Boat Lifts

    Pymatuning Reservoir residential property owners will find having an aluminum vertical boat or cantilever jet ski lift a necessity after a fun day on the lake.  Vertical boat lifts are manufactured by Metal Craft to ensure the protection of your watercraft investment from damaging lake debris and marine plants. Metal Craft vertical boat lifts feature all aluminum frame construction with adjustable legs and a deep “V” design for shallow water access to the lift.  Aluminum boat lifts are available for watercraft weighing up to 5000 lbs. and jet skis with a maximum weight of 1200 lbs.  Additional accessories include a boat lift canopy and electric powered boat lifts.  Contact Haines Marine Service to determine which boat or jet ski lift is right for your needs!

    About Metal Craft Docks

    Metal Craft Docks has been manufacturing docks for over 80 years! All of our products are American made locally in our Mentor, Ohio facility. Our boat docks and boat lifts are made entirely of aluminum structural components so they are naturally light-weight and easy to install and remove at the end of the season. We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each one of our products. Metal Craft Docks are an investment that will allow you more time doing what you love – enjoying all the amenities that Pymatuning Reservoir has to offer!

    About Haines Marine Service

    Pymantuning Aluminum Docks

    Stationary Docks at Pymatuning Liveries

    Haines Marine Service is one-stop boating center located conveniently on State Route 85 in Andover, Ohio.  They have been an authorized Metal Craft Dealer for many years and are very familiar with our aluminum docks and jet-ski lifts.  From dock design, sales and installation, the team at Haines Marine Service will ensure that you find the perfect solution to your dock needs.  Contact them today at 440-283-5156.