Premium Quality and Durability

    Docks – Metal Craft’s quality construction and patented, interlocking deck design provides you with low maintenance, effortless handling and decades of hassle-free use.
    Lifts – Metal Craft Boat & PWC Lifts are made entirely of quality aluminum structural components, stainless steel aerospace grade cables and have a 15-year limited warranty.
    Stairs – Metal Craft Stair Systems feature all aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners, are self-leveling and adjustable, and can be easily stored when not in use.

    Metal Craft® Docks

    We here at Metal Craft® Docks are very proud of our history; History that dates back to 1932 when two German fabricators started a small fabrication shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Since the beginning Metal Craft® Docks has been considered one of the most well-built, durable boat piers on the market. The same quality and workmanship that goes into our docks goes into all of our products. Metal Craft® does not try to compete against lower value alternatives; we compete against ourselves every day to design and manufacture the best boat docks available on the market. We have been in business for over 80 years and plan on being here for many more, standing on and behind our great products.