Residential & Commercial Stairs

Metal Craft Stairs complement all surroundings including residential, commercial or industrial settings. All systems are custom made to fit your specific application. Metal Craft Stair Systems are made from 100% aluminum and are naturally weather resistant. Our stair systems are the perfect solution in areas where wood or cement stairs aren’t an option. Non-slip stair treads are available in Earth Sand and Cloud White. Metal Craft Stairs offer easy access to otherwise inaccessible or challenging areas such as waterfront property. The stairs have been used on the Gulf Coast for access to large ships/barges and along railroads for maintenance access. Metal Craft Stairs are available in 3’ or 4’ widths and in lengths from 2’ to 250’ with 1’ increments. For added safety, we offer single and double handrail options.

Residential & Commercial Ramps

Metal Craft manufactures a line of ramps and gangways.  Metal Craft Access Ramps are made entirely of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.  Ramps are available in your choice of widths including 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., and 6ft. and custom lengths up to 45 feet.  Double handrails with a single mid-rail are standard on all models.  Choose from one of our 3 standard colors: Cloud White, Earth Sand, Sea Green.  ADA compliant models are also available.

In addition, Metal Craft Docks is an authorized dealer for Ravens® Ramps and Gangways.  Commercial models with a 50-100 pound per square foot load rating are available.  Contact your local authorized Metal Craft Docks Dealer for more information.


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