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12 Volt Battery Extension Cable

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The 12 Volt Battery Extension Cable for Extreme Max 12/24V Boat Lift Boss and 12V Boat Lift Buddy units. Attach one end to marine battery and the other the drive unit.  Cable is 10' Long

12 Volt Battery Solar Charging System

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The 12 Volt Battery Solar Charging System includes everything to keep 12V batteries fully charged.  This unit is made from non-corrosive materials and has a universal fit.  The 12V Battery Solar Charging System includes a 10 watt panel and wiring kit. **Battery Not Included** Product Dimensions: 42.15 x 11.75 x 6.75 inches

24 Inch 24 Volt Jumper Wires

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24 inch 24 volt Jumper Wire for Extreme Max Boat Lift Boss connects the 12/24 volt Boat Lift Boss electric motor to two deep cycle marine batteries. The length of the wire measures 24" long. Each 24" wire comes with eyelet connectors at each end for easy attachment to marine batteries. The 24" wire remains very flexible regardless of outdoor temperature.

24 Volt Solar Charging System

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  • 20-watt panel
  • Wiring kit included
  • Solar powered

Aluminum Marine Battery Holder Tray

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  • Universal mounting
  • Use with deep cycle marine battery

Battery Box Strap Replacement

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• Replacement 42" Woven Poly Strap with Buckles • Includes mounting hardware and footman clamps • Resists battery acids

Boat Lift Boss 120V Direct Drive System

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Get more time on the water with the Extreme Max Boat Lift Boss 120v Direct Drive System.  This 120 volt electric motor works for lifts with access to GFI-protected shore power.  This automated system is the faster, easier way to lift your boat while maximizing lift capacity and minimizing strain.  As a result, your lift will raise and lower with the turn of a key or the touch of a button.

Boat Lift Boss Installation Kit for Lorenz Winch

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  • Fits the Lorenz Winch
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Fits: Beach King, Daka, Dockrite, Lake Shore, Lorenz, Newmans, Pier Pleasure, Ridgeline, Shoremaster, and Vibo Box Winch.

Boat Lift Boss LED Canopy Light Kit

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  • Bright White LED Bulbs
  • Works with 120v and 12v motors
  • Operated with same remote as drive system
  • 14' Power Cord

Boat Lift Boss Replacement Key for Gray/Silver Cover Model

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Boat Lift Boss Replacement Key for 12/24V or 120V Boat Lift Boss models with gray/silver cover. Fits Generation 2 Gray/Silver covered units. Great to have as a back up.

Boat Lift Boss Replacement Remote Control Key Fob

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  • Spare fab for at the boat, dock, or another adult
  • Compatible with 12 & 24 volt DC and AC motors
  • Operates (optional) LED Canopy lights

Boat Lift Boss System 12 Inch 24 Volt Jumper Wire

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The Boat Lift Boss System 12 inch 24 volt jumper wire connects 12/24V Boat Lift Boss direct drive motors to 2 deep cycle marine batteries for 24-volt power. Wire length measures 12" long. Manufactured and tested by Extreme Max.