Lake Cable Docks and Lifts

Lake Cable was created as a real estate venture by Dueber and Austin Cable in the 1920’s.  The 150 acre man-made lake gives the feeling of resort like living just outside the northwest corner of Canton, Ohio.  The lake is a fishing and boating paradise!  Lake Cable docks and lifts by Metal Craft Docks have been installed and admired for more than 15 years. With low dock maintenance, homeowners are able to enjoy all that Lake Cable has to offer from their lake front view.

Lake Cable Docks

For over 15 years, Metal Craft Docks have been installed and enjoyed on Lake Cable. Metal Craft Docks require minimal maintenance even after years of installation.  Our aluminum docks feature a superior non-skid, baked poly-acrylic aluminum decking perfect for ensuring boaters safety as they enter and exit watercraft. Our stationary piers are a perfect solution for the rather shallow shoreline at Lake Cable.  Support bracing, aluminum pipe and 12″ foot pads provide stability and structure for each dock section. Our small dock systems are available in four widths and three lengths.  Additional accessories such as a color matching bench and dock ladder offer more enjoyment for your summer activities.  Our signature docking cleat allows you to moor your boat without drilling holes or damaging the aluminum deck surface.  

Lake Cable Lifts

Pontoon boats are in great abundance at Lake Cable.  Protecting your watercraft from damaging debris and aquatic life is a necessity.  Metal Craft Docks manufactures all-aluminum vertical boat lifts including 4000 and 5000 lb models.  The deep “V” design makes entering the lift in shallower water easier.  The lift sides are trussed for extra strength and are open for easier boarding of watercraft.  Nylatron pulleys, stainless steel cables, and stainless steel fasteners are standard features on all Metal Craft Lifts. Upgrade from carpeted boat lift bunk board to a pontoon lift, add a Lift Tech boat lift motor and a boat lift canopy and you’ve just bought yourself more time on the water! Cantilever jet ski lifts are also available in an all-aluminum design and accommodate watercraft weighing from 850 lbs to 1200 lbs. 

About Metal Craft Docks

Metal Craft Docks is a family owned and operated business priding ourselves on exceptional quality, design and outstanding customer service. We have been manufacturing docks for over 80 years! Metal Craft Docks and Lifts are naturally light-weight making installation and seasonal removal for storage easier than alternatives such as plastic, steel, or wood. We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into every one of our products manufactured locally in our Northeast Ohio facility. When you purchase a Metal Craft Dock and Lift you are making an investment. We know you will be happy with your Metal Craft purchase for decades to come!