• Lakes We Service

    Berlin Reservoir, Ohio docks and stairs installed June 2018

    Our dealers are instrumental in the success of Metal Craft Docks and the lakes we service.  We work closely with your local dealer to understand the specific needs of our products on your lake. Without our authorized dealers’ knowledge of the waters they cover, experience on their home “lakes” and their dedication to service, it would be nearly impossible to satisfy our customers and provide them with a product that will last their lifetime!  

    Local dealers provide consultations, estimates, installation, routine maintenance and, typically, seasonal removal and installation.  When we recommend a dealer or by contacting the dealer linked to the lake below, you can rest assured that you are working with a reputable business with a commitment to service.  Listed below are known lakes, ponds and rivers with Metal Craft installations.  Simply click on the name for the body of water listed to learn more about Metal Craft products and authorized dealers available to service your installation.

    Metal Craft Docks is not just a manufacturer of aluminum boat docks and boat/jet ski lifts; We have our products installed in many places you might not ever consider.   How many other marine dock or lift companies  can say they  have completed work for The Make a Wish Foundation and Monsanto or have products on Long Island Railroad in New York, Good Sumaritan Hospital in Nebraska, or The Hoover Dam just to name a few?  From aluminum stairs in North Pole, Alaska south to frame docks in Everglades, Florida, east from stationary docks in Mount Desert, Maine to floating docks in Newport Beach, CA; Metal Craft Docks has satisfied customers for over 80 years.

    If you don’t see your body of water listed below, contact us for more information on Metal Craft Docks, Lifts, Aluminum Stairs, and Ramps.

    Allegheny River, PA
    Alum Creek Lake, OH
    Apple Valley Lake, OH
    Arlington Pond, NH
    Atwood Lake, OH
    Aurora Lake, OH
    Baboosic Lake, NH
    Bankson Lake, MI
    Bantam Lake, CT
    Barkwood Lake, OH
    Barron Lake, FL
    Bass Lake, OH
    Beach Lake, PA
    Bear Lake, MI
    Beaver Lake, NH
    Bellamy River, NH
    Berezney & Lee Lake, GA
    Berlin Lake, OH
    Big Bass Lake, IN
    Big Chapman Lake, IN
    Big Maple Lake, IN
    Big Sandy River, KY
    Bit Turkey Lake, IN
    Billington Lake, IN
    Bighorn River, MT
    Bimini Lake, PA
    Bingo Lake, IN
    Biscayne Bay, FL
    Blackman Lake, IN
    Bonnett Lake, OH
    Braun Bay, NH
    Briar Lake, OH
    Brookville Lake, IN
    Browns Lake, WI
    Buckeye Lake, OH
    Bush Lake, MI
    Buzzards Bay, MA
    Canada Lake, NY
    Canandaigua Lake, NY
    Canadarago Lake, NY
    Candlewick Lake, IL
    Canobie Lake, NH
    Canoe Creek Lake, PA
    Cape Cod, MD
    Cass Lake, MN
    Castaway Bay, OH
    Castle Rock Lake, WI
    Cazenovia Lake, NY
    Cedar Lake, IL
    Cedar Lake, IN
    Chadokoin River,NY
    Chadwick Bay, NY
    Chagrin Lagoons, OH
    Chagrin Lakes, OH
    Chagrin River, OH
    Chain O’Lakes, IL
    Charles Mill Lake, OH
    Chattahoochee River, GA
    Chautauqua, NY
    Chaut. – Bemus Pt
    Chaut. – Bly Bay
    Chaut. – Sherman’s Bay
    Chaut. – Hadley Bay

    Cheat Lake, WV
    Cherokee Reservoir, TN
    Chesapeake Bay, PA
    Chestnut Lake, PA
    Chippewa Lake, OH
    Chokoloskee Bay, FL
    Choctaw Lake, OH
    Choptank River, NH
    Chubb Lake, IN
    Cicero Creek, IN
    Cinnamon Lake, OH
    Clarion River, PA
    Clear Fork Reservoir, OH
    Clear Lake, Ontario
    Clinch River, TN
    Cobbett’s Pond, NH
    Coldwater Lake, MI
    Columbia Bay, IL
    Conesus Lake, NY
    Congress Lake, OH
    Conneaut Lake, PA
    Connecticut River, NH
    Copake Lake, NY
    Contoocook River, NH
    Cranberry Lake, NY
    Cross Lake, IL
    Crooked Lake, MI
    Crown Point Lake, IN
    Cruises Creek Reservoir, KY
    Crystal Lake, IL
    Cuba Lake, NY
    Dandy Creek/Eagle Creek Reservoir, IN
    Darrow Lake, OH
    Davlin Lake, OH
    Deep Creek Lake, MD
    Deep  Lake, IL
    Deer Lake, OH
    Delaware Lake, OH
    Delaware River, PA
    Diamond Lake, IL
    Diamond Lake, MI
    Doubletree Lake, IN
    Douglas Lake, MI
    Druid Lake, WI
    Dugway Brook, OH
    Eagle Lake, WI
    East Springfield, PA
    Eden Lake, MN
    Edinboro Lake, PA
    Elk Lake, MI
    Fairport Harbor, OH
    Fairview Lake, PA
    Fiddle Lake, PA
    Findley Lake, NY
    Finger Lakes, NY
    Fish Creek Bay, WI
    Fisher Pond, CT
    Flint Lake, TN
    Foster’s Pond, MA
    Fox Lake, IL
    Fox River, IL
    Franklin Pierce Lake, NH
    Fulton Chain Lakes, NY
    Geist Rervoir, IN
    Geneva Lake, WI
    Gleason Pond, MA
    Glen Lake, NH
    Goguac Lake, MI
    Golf Lake, FL
    Grand Lake, OH
    Grass Lake, IL
    Grays Lake, IL
    Green Lake, WI
    Gregg Lake, NH
    Grigg’s Reservoir, OH
    Hagerman Lake, MI
    Halfmoon Lake, MI
    Harbor Beach, MI
    Harris Bayou, FL
    Harvey’s Lake, PA
    Heart Bay, NY
    Heritage Lake, IN
    Hermits Lake, IN
    Hickory Hills Lake, MA
    Hoover Dam, NV
    Horseshoe Lake, FL
    Hudson Lake, IN
    Island Pond, NH
    Indian Lake, OH
    Indian Lake, PA
    Jobs Creek, NJ
    Johnson’s Island, OH
    Kakakee River, IL
    Kelly’s Island, OH
    Kenston Lake Dam, OH
    Kingsbury Run, OH
    Kreighbaum Lakes, IN
    Lac Courte Orielles, WI
    LaDue Reservoir, OH
    Lady Evelyn Lake, Ontario
    Lake Ariel, PA
    Lake Bel-Aire, MI
    Lake Beulah, WI
    Lake Bloomington, IL
    Lake Boon, MA
    Lake Buckhorn, OH
    Lake Cable, OH
    Lake Cardinal, OH
    Lake Carol, IL
    Lake Center, FL
    Lake Chemung, MI
    Lake Chillisquauge, PA
    Lake Como, PA
    Lake Crowell, FL
    Lake Cumberland, KY
    Lake Dalecarlia, IN
    Lake Dora, FL
    Lake Edgewood, IN
    Lake Elsie, FL
    Lake Eliza, IN
    Lake Erie, OH
    Lake Erie, PA
    Lake Erie, NY
    Lake Florence, IN
    Lake Gage, IN
    Lake George, NY
    Lake Harmony, PA
    Lake Hodgson, OH
    Lake Holiday, IN
    Lake Hortonia, VT
    Lake James, IN
    Lake Jessamine, FL
    Lake Lakengren, OH
    Lake Lamberjack, OH
    Lake LaTonka, PA
    Lake Lee, MI
    Lake Leelanau, MI
    Lake Lemon, IN
    Lake Lorelei, OH
    Lake Louise, IN
    Lake Macatawa, MI
    Lake Manitou, Ontario
    Lake Mary, WI
    Lake Mattawa, MA
    Lake Maxinkukee, IN
    Lake Mendota, WI
    Lake Michigan, MI
    Lake Milton, OH
    Lake Minnehaha, FL
    Lake Missaukee, MI
    Lake Mohawk, OH
    Lake of the Woods, IN
    Lake on the Green, IN
    Lake Ogemaw, MI
    Lake Ontario, Ontario
    Lake Placid, NY
    Lake Price, FL
    Lake Quinsigamond, MA
    Lake Raponda, VT
    Lake Roberts, FL
    Lake Schaefer, IN
    Lake Seven, MI
    Lake Sunapee, NH
    Lake Sylvan, NY
    Lake Tanglewood, PA
    Lake Teedy, PA
    Lake Thompson, WI
    Lake Vermillion, IL
    Lake Wallenpaupak, PA
    Lake Washington, FL
    Lake Watawga, PA
    Lake Waubesa, WI
    Lake Waynoka, OH
    Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
    Lake Wisconsin, WI
    Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN
    Landen Farm Lake, OH
    Lauderdale Lakes, FL
    Lauderdale Lakes, WI
    Lime Lake, NY
    Little Island Pond, NH
    Little Muskego Lake, WI
    Little Nebb Lake, IN
    Loch Lomond, IL
    Long Lake, IN
    Long Pond, ME
    Long Pond, MA
    Loomis Lake, IN
    Loon Lake, NY
    Lowe Lake, PA
    Main Turning Basin, TX
    Manhasset Bay, NY
    Marblehead, OH
    Mar Mac Lake, IN
    Mashapaug Lake, CT
    Maumee River, OH
    McCullom Lake, IL
    Mentor Lagoons, OH
    Merrimack River, NH
    Meyers Lake, OH
    Mill Creek, OH
    Miller Lake, OH
    Mink Lake, IN
    Milwaukee River, WI
    Montmere Lake, OH
    Morgan Lake, IN
    Morrison Lake, MI
    Mosquito Lake, OH
    Mud Lake, OH
    Muskego Lake, WI
    Muskingum River, OH
    Muzzy Lake, OH
    Myers Bay, IL
    Neah Bay, WA
    New Ditch Lake, IN
    Newport Bay, IN
    Newton Lake, PA
    Niagra River, NY
    Nippersink Lake, IL
    Norman Olson Lake, IN
    North Lake, WI
    North Pole, AK
    Northwood Lake, NH
    Nyona Lake, IN
    Ohio River, OH
    Ohio River, PA
    Ohnoname Reservoir, OH
    Oldham Pond, MA
    Oneida Lake, NY
    Oneida River, NY
    Oswego Lake, NY
    Oswego River, NY
    Palm Lake, FL
    Passaic River, NJ
    Pere Marquette Lake, MI
    Pewaukee Lake, WI
    Piatt Lake, MI
    Pike Bay, Ontario
    Pillings Pond, MA
    Pine Island Pond, FL
    Pine Lake, IN
    Pine Lake, OH
    Piscataqua River, NH
    Pistakee Lake, IL
    Portage Lakes, OH
    Potomac River, VA
    Pratt Lake, MI
    Pretty Lake, IN
    Prince’s Lake, IN
    Pymantuning Reservoir, OH
    Pymatuning Reservoir, PA
    Redwing Lake, VA
    Rice Lake, WI
    Roaming Shores, OH
    Roaming Woods Lake, PA
    Robbins Pond, IN
    Rocky River, OH
    Round Lake, IL
    Sandusky Bay, OH
    Sand Lake, FL
    San Toy Lake, OH
    Sawmill Bay, NY
    Schaefer Lake, IN
    Scioto River, OH
    Sebago Lake, ME
    Sebbins Pond, NH
    Seneca Lake, OH
    Seneca River, NY
    Seymour Lake, VT
    Shady Shores, NY
    Shafer Lake, IN
    Shawnee Lake, OH
    Silver Lake, NY
    Silver Lake, WI
    Sippo Lake, OH
    Skaneateles Lake, NY
    Snow Lake, IN
    South Charlton Reservoir, MA
    Spectacle Lake, IN
    Spring Lake, OH
    Springfield Lake, OH
    St. Joseph River, MI
    Straight Creek, KY
    Sugden Lake, MI
    Swan Lake, NY
    Sweetwater Lake, IN
    Swinging Bridge Reservoir, NY
    Sylvan Lake, NY
    Tappan Lake, OH
    Taylor Lake, MI
    Taylor Pond, ME
    Tinkwig Lake, PA
    Thomspon Lake, PA
    Thornapple River, MI
    Tippicanoe River, IN
    Torch Lake, MI
    Treasure Lake, PA
    Turkeyfoot Lake, OH
    Twin Lakes, OH
    Twin Lakes, PA
    Twin Lakes, WI
    Walborn Resevoir, OH
    Walker Lake, PA
    Wautoma Shoals, NY
    Webster Lake, NH
    Wells Beach, ME
    Westler Lake, IN
    Westville Lake, OH
    Whitefish Lake, MI
    Winding Trail Lake
    Wolf Creek, OH
    Wonder Lake, IL
    Wrighter Lake, PA
    Wyman Pond, MA
    Youghiogheny Lake, PA