Lakes of the Four Seasons Docks and Lifts

With four lakes located within the private community of Lakes of the Four Seasons, it’s important to work with people who are knowledgeable and understand each lake individually.  There are guidelines and restricted convenants concerning the length and width of your dock and watercraft permitted on the lake.  Please contact Metal Craft Docks, we can make sure you are getting the correct equipment for your job.

Lakes of the Four Seasons Docks

For over 20 years, Metal Craft Docks have been an approved aluminum boat dock by the Lakes of the Four Seasons Property Owner’s Association.  Metal Craft Docks were purchased in 1995 and are still in use today by the P.O.A. as rentals.  Stationary docks are the preferred choice since water levels don’t fluctuate much during summer pool.  Stationary docks are available in four standard widths, three standard length and three different color options.  With minimal maintenance, Metal Craft Docks are the last dock you will ever need to purchase.

Lakes of the Four Seasons Lifts

Your lake experience wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate watercraft and boat lift.  Metal Craft Docks offers vertical boat lifts to accommodate weights up to 6,000 lbs.  Our lifts feature marine grade aluminum structural supports.  Metal Craft boat lifts feature a deep ā€œVā€ design for easy entry to the lift in shallow water.  Our side truss design provides extra strength and makes entry to your watercraft easy. Side guide-ons, pontoon lift kits, electric motor and lift canopy are just a few accessories to choose from. Each lake within Lakes of the Four Seasons has watercraft guidelines.  

Cantilever jet ski lifts are easy to use and an affordable option.  Metal Craft offers two models accommodating 850 lbs and 1200 lbs.  Both models feature aluminum construction.  Stainless fasteners, single cable and a three pulley system keep maintenance low.  Additional upgrades include extended legs for deep water and winch extension kit for operation closer to the dock.  It’s important to know which Metal Craft lift is appropriate or allowed by Lakes of the Four Seasons P.O.A.  Please contact,  Metal Craft Lifts.

About Metal Craft Docks

Metal Craft Docks has been manufacturing docks for over 80 years!  We make all of our products in our Northeast Ohio facility.  Our boat docks and boat lifts are naturally light-weight subsequently they are easy to install and store after seasonal removal.  We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each of our products.  Metal Craft Docks are an investment that will allow you more time doing what you love – enjoying all the amenities that Lakes of the Four Seasons has to offer!