Lake Wallenpaupak Docks and Lifts

Stunning Lake Wallenpaupack, a man-made lake built in 1926, covers 5,700 acres and is 13 miles in length. Its activities are as far reaching as its shoreline and are sure to please the whole family as you play the day away. For many return visitors, a few visits of “a great place to rent” turns into a “great place to own” and a lake house retreat is born! The lake offers boating, swimming and fishing access in the summer as well as ice skating and ice fishing in the winter. With all this recreational fun at your fingertips, Lake Wallenpaupak docks and lifts are a necessity. Trust the brand proven on this lake for over 4 decades, Metal Craft Docks and Lifts!

Lake Wallenpaupak Docks

Lake Wallenpaupak is a demanding lake for boat docks.  Metal Craft frame docks chosen for their stability and endurance require minimal maintenance.  Truss frame floating docks provide structure for deck tops while floating hardware connections allow for flexibility.  Alternating hinge connections and locking connections allows for rigidity or flexibility for the dock.  Property owners on Lake Wallenpaupack  typically install our heavy duty floating dock systems with wheel modifications to make install and seasonal removal easier. Metal Craft Docks are available in 4 standard widths, 3 standard lengths and 3 standard colors: Cloud White, Earth Sand and Sea Green.  The PPL has guidelines that must be followed when designing and installing aluminum piers on Lake Wallenpaupak.  We recommend contacting Joe Doscher at A & M Aluminum Docks for more information and assistance with your next dock project.

Lake Wallenpaupak Lifts

Your lake experience wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate watercraft and vertical boat lift or jet ski lift. Metal Craft offers aluminum boat lifts to accommodate weights up to 5,000 lbs. Cantilever jet ski lifts accommodate up to 1,200 lbs.   Metal Craft boat lifts feature all aluminum frame construction.  Our deep “V” design allows shallow water access to the lift.  Leg extensions are available for deeper water.  Boat lift upgrades include pontoon lift kits, Lift Tech Marine electric motors.  Finally, add a boat lift canopy and cover to compliment your tastes.  Contact Joe Doscher today to discuss your boat lift needs.

About Metal Craft Docks

We here at Metal Craft are very proud of our history; History that dates back over 80 years when two German fabricators started a small fabrication shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Metal Craft docks and lifts are naturally lightweight making installation and seasonal removal easy. We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into every one of our products manufactured in our Northeast Ohio facility. When you purchase a Metal Craft aluminum dock and boat lift you are making an investment.  We know you will be happy with your Metal Craft purchase for many decades into the future!

About A & M Aluminum Docks

A & M Aluminum Docks, in Lakeville, PA is an authorized Metal Craft Dealer serving Lake Wallenpaupak Docks and Lifts and surrounding areas since 1991. A & M Aluminum Docks is locally owned and operated by Joe Doscher and is a full service company providing consultations, worry-free Metal Craft products, installation and maintenance of our docks and lifts.  Please contact Joe at (570) 226-3385 or email  with questions or to request a free estimate.