Chain O’ Lakes Docks and Lifts

Would you be surprised to learn that the Chain O’ Lakes area is the busiest inland recreational waterway (per acre) in the U.S.?  With 15 lakes connected by the Fox River and man-made channels, enjoying summer activities  such as boat races, fishing tournaments, and live musical performances are a top priority to the residents of the Chain O’ Lakes area. With all this recreational fun at your fingers tips, residents and visitors need a trusted resource for Chain O’ Lakes docks and lifts.  Trust the brand that has been installed on the Chain O’ Lakes for over 3 decades, Metal Craft Docks and Lifts.

Chain O’ Lakes Docks

Metal Craft offers three dock products to fit almost every waterfront need including, stationary docks, light-weight floating and heavy duty floating docks.  Are you in an area where you must use pilings or steel structures?  No problem!  Metal Craft deck modules can easily be installed on steel structures or fabricated for custom pilings so that you can still enjoy a hassle free, maintenance free dock system.  Our interlocking deck design provides added stability and structure whether you choose a 3′ wide or 6’wide dock section. Metal Craft deck modules are finished with a baked in poly acrylic finish on the surface which maintains an ambient temperature and includes provisions for water run-off.  Our docks are available in four widths, three lengths and three colors so that you can design the system of your dreams!

Chain O’ Lakes Lifts

Boats and PWCs are a must in the Chain O’ Lakes.  Metal Craft offers boat lifts to accommodate up to 5,000 lbs. and PWC lifts for up to 1,200 lbs.  Metal Craft Lifts feature all aluminum frame construction with adjustable legs for deeper water and a deep “V” design for shallow water access to the lift.  Environmentally safe marine grade carpet for bunks and guides and zinc yellow coated fasteners are standard on all lifts.  Additional boat lift accessories include deluxe stand-on side guides, deluxe bunks, pontoon side guides and bunks, electric motors, and canopies.  Interested in immediate delivery?  Contact Joel or Ryan Bruce at BruceSki’s Marine Construction to see what’s in stock today!

About Metal Craft Docks

We here at Metal Craft Docks are very proud of our history; History that dates back to 1932 when two German fabricators started a small fabrication shop in Cleveland, Ohio.  Metal Craft Docks and Lifts are made entirely of aluminum so they are naturally light-weight making installation and removal for storage easier.  We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into every one of our products manufactured in our Mentor, Ohio facility. When you purchase a Metal Craft Dock and Lift, you are making an investment.  We know you will be happy with your Metal Craft purchase for many decades into the future!

About BruceSki’s Marine Construction

BruceSki’s Marine Construction is a family owned and operated business. They have serviced the Chain O’ Lakes area for over 15 years. BruceSki’s Marine Construction specializes in making your waterfront lifestyle more enjoyable by handling all your marine construction needs. They are experienced in boat lifts, boat docks, seawalls, boat houses, dredging, and much more. Joel and Bruce grew up playing on the Chain O’Lakes…they live and work on the Chain O’Lakes… and no one knows the area better or has more experience building effective marine solutions in this area than BruceSki’s Marine Construction.  Contact us at 847-366-4540 or email at and  Let us put our unparalleled knowledge to work for you.